Company Overview

As a company made up of musicians and music lovers, we're driven by our shared belief that music is the greatest unifying force in the world. And that idea fuels our mission to fill the world with music.

To give people the tools they need to create and connect. To be seen and heard. And recently, to help and to heal. Music can stir the soul and change the frequency of the planet. So let's make some noise. Because the world needs to hear what you have to play.

Our Culture
Embracing Difference as Strength
Building and sustaining a diverse and inclusive culture of belonging demands continuous effort and honest self-examination. We embrace this work in pursuit of a representative workforce where all are welcomed, and our differences and personal identities have no bearing on success, opportunity or growth.

With this vision in mind, we commit to ...
Making diversity an integral part of who we are

Cultivating a Diverse Workforce
We are dedicated to advancing our recruitment, retention and promotion practices to nurture and grow a workforce that reflects the rich diversity of our communities.

Fair & Equitable Pay
To ensure all associates are paid fairly, we are determined to review compensation routinely and improve overall transparency of our pay practices.

Access for All
We pledge to institute transparent, objective criteria, value education and experience more fairly, and invest in training to remove career development barriers and address obstacles facing underrepresented groups.

Pathways to Success
We aim to extend and clarify growth opportunities by improving the overall associate experience, and ensuring fair access through revamping our tools, systems and processes.

Building a culture that cares

Continuous Learning & Education
So all associates are empowered to grow and advance their careers in an ever-changing world, we pledge to enhance our learning programs and partnerships.

Physical & Emotional Health
So our associates have the means and opportunity to prioritize their health, we commit to continuously examining and expanding our resources and benefits.

Transforming what we do inside and outside the workplace

Letting All Voices Be Heard
We want to empower our associates to shape company culture, through inclusive leadership, enhanced engagement and town halls, and accommodate and encourage those who desire to exercise their right to vote to shape national progress.

Industry Collaboration
We are devoted to collaborating with diverse musicians and industry peers to help drive and support culture change, while improving access and exposure to the music community.

Keeping Music Education Alive
Through our Guitar Center Music Foundation charity, we stand by supporting in-need schools and music education programs and expanding access to underrepresented groups.

A Shared Purpose
By building relationships with organizations dedicated to positive change in our communities, we commit to aligning ourselves with those that share our passion for equity and justice.



You should love where you work. That means competitive pay, health coverage, and a 401(k). It means a culture of inclusivity and belonging. But there’s more.

If you booked that big tour, we've got you covered - take advantage of our Gig Leave program. And let's not forget the discounts you will receive anytime you purchase gear as an associate.

We’ll put money toward your continued education. We’ll help with your gym membership, ensure you have mental health access.

You’ll enjoy a few perks. Including free gifts and travel discounts.

We believe that our benefits should be inclusive. You will have access to fertility support and specific offerings for our Trans community.

Our stores are just the beginning. We’re a family of brands, stretching across the worlds of music and technology. Each has its own specialty, from e-commerce to audiovisual design, band and orchestra, instrument manufacturing and much more.

Our mission is to bring music to the world. We put instruments into the hands of musicians. We teach lessons. We build recording studios. We design smart homes and businesses. We develop new musical gear. We collaborate with world renowned artists. We change lives through our charity, the Guitar Center Music Foundation. We need diverse associates with a range of talents. That means you.


Company Summary
Guitar Center Stores, Inc.
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(818) 735-8800
5795 Lindero Canyon Road
Westlake Village, CA